They’re all about where people come from.
The only thing important is where somebody’s going.

Johnny depp, Public enemies.


The Greatest art form of the 20th Century
Synonyms : Life, Dream, Friendship

Movie buff

Someone who is addicted to movies, discovering different stories and different worlds.

Synonyms : Movie fanatic, Movie lover, Mamas

Mamas’s love affair with the celluloid began when he was wonder-struck by its magical world as a little boy watching movies at Matha theatre in Adimali, his hometown. Many were the cold nights he sped across the misty hills in Attappady to watch second shows at the ramshackle theatre in the neighbouring village. Many were the classes he bunked to frequent theatres of Ottappalam and Shoranur. He was the wide-eyed boy hovering at the edge of shooting sets, observing the nuances of filmmaking from the fringe! He was the young man for whom the city lights of Cochin twinkled with the promise of more movies. Where many are attracted to the glitter and glamour of the tinsel world, to him movies were mirrors to the world.


A feeling of admiring discontent aroused by the possessions, achievements, or qualities of another

Synonyms : Inspiration, Fuel, Drive

As he wandered in the dream world of cinema, the ‘green-eyed monster’ of envy bit him, and hard. Jealous of the giants of the industry, of their craft which allowed them to create such beauty that filled awe in the hearts of many. This enviousness is what drove him to learn under mentors like I V Sasi, Rafi Mecartin…To learn and to develop his own craft! And to aspire to be the envy of some other young movie buff.


A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations

From his passion and envy sprouted a dream, a dream that touched his soul, a dream of crafting movies reflecting the world as he saw it. And the world did become his canvas and his storyboard - sketches on paper napkins, character studies in coffee shops. Rustic characters from the bygone childhood came walking the memory lane wanting to reincarnate through his script. Writing, rewriting; sketching and scribbling, he sure was a major contributor to global warming, for all the brains that he burnt! His years as an animation artist stood him in good stead, many elements that he acquired as a graphic artist helped in the creative packaging of his debut project.


A main support or major sustaining factor

Synonyms : Friend, Moral support, Soul mate

Supporting him throughout his ups and downs, were his close friends, Renjith, Shabil, Rajaram, Rammohan, Sumesh, Susmesh, Chinnu and Sumitha. They offered patient ears, supportive ideas and believed in his dream. They carried him wherever he faltered and celebrated with him all his successes.

Gradually, the first bud of his dreams blossomed. Pappi Appacha, starring Dileep and Kavya Madhavan became a resounding hit. For all its minuses, watching the first fruit of his labour was a joy to him. The joy of one who by sheer perseverance had risen above all odds to succeed in seeing his dream realized!

Unlike the climax of a super-hit movie Mamas’s life did not dramatically change. He remained the same man-boy, skinny, bespectacled but one who exuded the satisfaction and confidence of achievement and the passion to go further in his chosen path.

On an end note, he did become incredibly rich. It was not silver rupees filling his pockets that made him rich but golden friendships that filled his heart. Now, the need to create beauty and meaning is not only a way for self expression for Mamas but a responsibility towards numerous individuals from different walks of life who connect with him across distances.