Instead of telling our young people to plan ahead, we should tell them to plan to be surprised.

Steve Carell, Dan in Real Life.

Cinema company is the new movie by Mamas, director of the hit film "Paappi Appacha". The main star cast for the cinema company will be seleted through auditions, which will happen in Thiruvanthupuram, Cochin and Calicut. The last date is Aug 25. If you wish to apply, head over to the home page and click on the ticket. Hurry!

7 artists wil be chose from the auditions. 15 days of grooming will be given to the future stars. This camp will be guided by eminent personalities from the industry. This camp will mould a new perspective on cinema and acting to the selected artists.

We  will start the shoot by September end. Cinema Company's release is planned in 2012 Jan. Stay tuned for more updates.